The Canary Islands Government has signed an insurance policy with AXA Spain, making it one of the leading  holiday destinations in the world. This policy guarantees tourists that  they will be covered for expenses arising from a coronavirus infection,  i.e. medical repatriation, medical expenses and the extension of their  stay by quarantine on the island, from August and for a period of one  year.

This policy will cover both Spanish  tourists (including islanders) and foreigners and their families, on the condition that the traveller did not know before travelling that he had contracted Covid-19. As explained by the Regional Minister of Tourism,  Yaiza Castilla, " the Canary Islands are going even further in their  commitment to reinforce and increase the safety and peace of mind of  tourists".

Insurance conditions:

Coverage by Covid-19: medical expenses, medical repatriation and extension of stay by  quarantine (maximum 15 days) in the same resort/hotel or regulated  tourist accommodation or in any other establishment designated by the  health authorities and the insurance company.

Insured: The policy  covers all tourists in the Canary Islands during the contracted period  (annual), both Spanish and international, and their families, who stay  in a regulated establishment in the Autonomous Community of the Canary  Islands to accompany them on the trip, even if they do not test positive for Covid-19.

Duration of the insurance: The validity of the travel assistance guarantees, with respect to each  insured party, is linked to the duration of the trip, up to a maximum of 30 days.

Territoriality: The guarantees of this insurance cover only the Canary Islands.The insurer's obligations end when the insured persons return to their usual place of residence.

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Birdcage Resort has a detailed health protocol that aims to minimize the risk of infection, both for our guests and employees, guaranteeing the highest quality of services. All the measures recommended by the health authorities have been applied in our hotel, emphasizing  social distance, disinfection with viricides and hydro-alcoholic gels. Furthermore, with this new agreement signed by the Canary Islands  Government, all our guests will have their expenses covered in the event of a possible contagion: repatriation, medical expenses and stay in  quarantine